Supporting Wading River PTA need not be a chore. Get involved, volunteer and have some fun!

5 Reasons to join the PTA:

1. Ok you pay your taxes but budgets at every school are tight. Money raised in school fundraisers is often used to pay for those little extras that can make a school a bit special be it an interactive whiteboard or a school trip to the theatre.

2. Helping at PTA fundraising events helps you get to know your kid's teachers better and understand the way the school works and all the problems, challenges and joys they find in their work.

3. Being part of the PTA helps you get to know other parents and their children. This is important for school matters but also great for a more active social life!

4. Everyone has different talents and skills they can bring to the parent teacher association. The best PTA's are inclusive and find ways of incorporating all the different things that people can offer!

5. It can actually be fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves at the school dance or family game night!

We look forward to a wonderful year!